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      Yes Mandalas Life has a drop shipping program.

      You can find more information about the drop shipping model in the dedicated section of the Reseller Program page:

      The main points to remember are:

      • We select limited products for drop shipping to be delivered within 10-15 working days to the final client
      • These products are highly available in stock or quickly reproducible and can not be delivered faster due to the local challenges
      • The catalog is the available paintings for dropshipping or bulk order from stock
      • For anything outside this catalog, we need to consult the art studios on client request
      • The discount for the product above USD 500 value is less flexible because the price is mostly calculated on the basis of the human time involved at each level of the transaction
      • Outside the dropshipping catalog, the price, discount, and delivery time will depend on the request and the selected artisan

      Here comes the drop shipping catalog listing the available products:

      Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a dropshipper.

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