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      We picked the name Mandalas Life at the beginning because we started our website for that kind of artwork.

      Mandalas are easier to customize faster to paint and more affordable than Thangkas and other paintings representing deities or Buddhist scenes with details.

      Therefore 3 years ago, in 2017, mandalas represented 90% of the sales but today the market place counts 259 mandalas over a total of 843 paintings and 1200 other items such as metal crafts and carpets.

      In 2020 mandalas are now just representing 20% of our sales but it still remains the product with the highest availability in Nepal market together with singing bowls.

      It is also a product that can be easily upscaled. It means that we can accurately reproduce a much larger version of the mandala upon request.

      If you are looking to commissioned a mandala or thangka painting feel free to contact us.

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